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"Thank you for guiding me through my driving!  It was a great experience and i really appreciate it!"  Ben

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  It's  a lovely feeling to have passed my test, and I really appreciate you putting up with me! Looking forward to seeing you for my passplus next summer.  Thanks again, Eleanor

"Thank you so much for helping me get my licence!  Just need to get a car now..." Kwame

"Passed advanced test with 16 excellent and 11 good, no satisfactory or lower scores" Ian

"Just to let you know that the test was ok. He (the IAM examiner) said it was one of the best drives that he has had for ages actually. If people could be 80% as good as I was he said he would be a happy man, but there you go. I said that Nigel can take some of the credit for that, his level of instruction is obviously very high. So he is very pleased and said it was superb.  
Thanks again"

"Thank you for helping me pass my test." Jade

"Thank you for giving me the faith and ability to become a driver!" Jane

"Hope you know how much your effort is appreciated. Thanks very much." Sally B

"Thanks for all your help and patience." Sally W

"Just to say "thank you" not only for your expert driving instruction but for all your encouragement and patience too, hoping you'll be able to take our son to driving success in a year's time." Sarah

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the driving lessons and helping me pass my test.Peter

"Thank you for helping me pass my driving test." Lucy

"Thank you very much for all your help and support.  I couldn't have passed my test 1st time without you.  Many thanks." Danielle

"Thank you so much for getting me through my driving test. I never would have done it without you. Thanks for putting up with all my "rubbish reversing and dizzy blonde moments. There's no stopping me now I've been driving everywhere. Thanks again so much.Britt

"This is just to say a big thank you for helping me pass my test.  See you driving again soon." Rebecca

"Thanx a million! Couldn' t have done it without your time and patience. We got there though!" Rob

"Back in April you helped me with a motorway driving session. I just wanted to thank you for your advice and guidance, as this assisted me greatly with my preparation for my advanced driving test. I don't think I would have gained my Silver without it. Thanks once again.Julie

"Thanks to Nigel Truman for getting me thorugh my test 1st time. Although I had to retake due to gaining 6 points on my license in 1st 2 years, when i asked to borrow car for my second test which he gladly said yes too, with no eyebrow or finger pointing as to why i lost it..Very proffesional and understanding... Let my adventures and mistakes be a lesson to others, Its a Honour to drive not a right." Danny

"Nigel Maplethorpe taught me and my brothers to drive many years ago, as well as my partner's sister. 15 years later and still never had an accident! If thats not a recommendation I dont know what is." Mark

"Both Nigel Maplethorpe and Nigel Truman took me on and taught me. Being a driver for almost 15 years outside the UK meant I had loads of bad habits! Thanks to their exceptional skills I was able to iron them all out and their help when I had to book a test in a hurry was exceptional. Thank you guys, I wouldnt have got a zero fault pass if not for your mentoring and tips ! Thumbs up big style to them!"Eyad

"Just to say a huge thank-you for all you have done. I will highly recommend you." Marie